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NEVRAS Security Products - Protecting your premises from unwanted intruders with our Security Alarm Systems

Hills ComNav is a remote access integration module for the Hills Reliance security alarm system. It allows you to easily... + more details

The Hills Reliance 8 security control panel from hills industries represents a new approach to security system design.... + more details

The Hills TouchNav alarm code pad means security is just a touch away. Combine with a Hills Reliance alarm system and you... + more details

Provide 4 wireless protection zones and each zone can support 5 wireless detectors with a total of 20 wireless detectors... + more details

ITS-iDo301W Wireless Dual Technology (Infrared And Microwave) Motion Detector. This detector has features such as... + more details

The Dual Technology (Infrared and Microwave) Motion Detectors have the features of intelligent control, microprocessor,... + more details

The ITS-RK2000 series 360° Ceiling Passive Motion Detector has integrated advanced optical and electronic design which... + more details

ITS-RK210PR is a compact detector designed specially for residential installation. It features the strong ability to... + more details

ITS-RK210PT Dual Element Sensor Motion Detector with Pet Immunity.  ITS-RK210PT is a compact detector designed specially... + more details


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