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CCTV Surveillance Systems

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Theft, vandalism and liability claims cost Australian businesses and residences millions of dollars each year. We can provide you with a highly effective and affordable tool against these crimes and others.

Our CCTV surveillance systems can help you better deter theft, vandalism, detect those fraudulent liability claims and document events so your entire premises can be more protected.

Our CCTV equipment can also be used to help improve employee productivity and numerous other business efficiencies.

Not only are our systems easy to customise, they are easy to expand, and affordable to own.

Benefits of Video Surveillance for your business:

  • Deter shoplifting, employee theft and false accident claims
  • Improve employee safety
  • Lower insurance costs and reduce fraudulent liability claims
  • Boost employee productivity and business efficiencies
  • Remote monitoring capabilities allow for convenient, real time monitoring of your premises
  • May assist in enhancing business operations and net profits

“… The NEVRAS range of professional DVR’s and NVR’s are available in a compact and stylish design with easy to use operational features, making them ideal for commercial and domestic type surveillance applications. Complete with smart phone connectivity, you will be able to monitor your premises anywhere anytime ...”

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