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Multi Apartment Systems

Nowdays people live in buildings and most people work in them.

This means that buildings must provide protection and safety, both everyday and in an emergency. The core element of a Multi Apartment Building intercom is the centralised access control system, which keeps the building and associated premises in secure from unwanted intruders, guaranteeing the required high level of security discreetly and unobtrusively.

The most common configuration of a Multi Apartment Building Intercom system and is a main entry station which enables the visitor to call a particular office or residence. Each office or residence will have at least apartment station allowing them to see and hear the person at the front door and with the press of a button, grant access via the electric strike release function

The NEVRAS intelligent building video intercom system is designed for large residential and office communities.

A third generation intelligent building video intercom system which uses differential signal and Cat5e (HSYV) transmission technology.

System characteristics includes a simple system structure saving installation time with clear audio and video providing high quality communication and elegant and stylish design.

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