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Is it time to upgrade your current Video Door Phone system?

Purchasing a video door phone or building intercom system for residential or business use can be a daunting task without the right information.

There's nothing quite like a video intercom system to add convenience and safety at your front door. You'll be able to see and hear who's at the front door without getting anywhere near it.

A video door phone is a system that enables you to receive “calls” from your front door or some other door on the outside of your building.

When someone arrives at an outside door, they press a button that alerts one or multiple inside stations and then the people inside the building can talk to them by pressing a button from an indoor station as well as see who is at the outdoor station as well.

Electric door strikes and gate locks can also be added which enable you to open an outdoor gate to allow any visitor easy access into your property.


“… There's nothing quite like a video door phone to add convenience and safety to your premises.
Encased in elegant designs with logical features, the NEVRAS range of indoor and outdoor stations are assured to add value
to any home… ”

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