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Running one café is a challenging task for most people let alone running four. This is the reason why we sought out and used the services of ITS – Security & Surveillance for the installation of a CCTV Surveillance System at each of our four cafés situated at Clayton, Oakleigh, Nunawading and Waverley.

Being highly recommended to us, each site was setup with internet access, a Digital Video Recorder and CCTV Surveillance Cameras. Not only can we access each café from our iphone but we also have CMS software installed on our PC at one location giving us the ability to access and monitor all of the cameras on one computer screen.

The system has saved us countless hours on the road travelling between sites as certain management tasks can now be completed without the need to physically visit each café.

ITS – Security & Surveillance completed the installation and implementation professionally and competently and we would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone requiring their next security system.

Healthlink Café
Michael Tochovitis
Healthlink Café


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