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Protect yourself and insist on using a Licensed Security Professional

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When it comes to securing your home or business, don't take any chances!!!

Use a licensed security professional and insist that they are a member of one of the five registrars accredited by the Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

All cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling, that connects with the telecommunications network must be performed by a registered cabler, or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler.

In Victoria, security firms and businesses, and employees of security firms and businesses, must be either licensed or registered.

The Private Security Act 2004 was enacted to preserve the safety and peace of all Victorians with regards to private security.

Any person or business undertaking private security activities in the State of Victoria, such as security advisors and equipment installers, must be the holder of a Private Security Licence or Registration issued by Victoria Police.

Licensed or registered members are bound by a code of professional conduct and are committed to providing the highest standards. Choosing a contractor not licensed or registered will compromise the quality and integrity of the security based installation carried out at your home or business.



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